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Laparoscopic Digestive > Introduction

Laparoscopy is a first choice step for surgery of the digestive tract, for instance in:

- Removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy)
- Repair of a hiatal hernia (and of gastro-esophageal reflux)
- Repair of a inguinal hernia
- moval of the appendix (appendectomy)
- Resection of the colon  (colectomy)
- Morbid Obesity surgery

The advantages are:

- Less post-surgical pain
- Short hospitalisation
- Fast reuptake of professional activities
- Minimal esthetic damage
- Little or no risks on late eventrations
- Preciseness of the surgical act

Laparoscopy exists out of penetrating the abdominal cavity without making large incisions in the skin nor opening the muscular wall

To enter the abdomen small holes are made through which trocars are placed (like stiff tubes) and through which instruments for performing the intervention can be placed. (optic, scissors, graspers,..)

The abdominal cavity is a virtual space; insufflating CO2 through a trocar will expand the abdominal cavity and allow having a working space.

The optic is connected on a camera and a cold light source.

The camera projects the image of the abdominal cavity on a monitor

espace de travail    colonne de coelioscopie

caméra et optique

instruments et trocars

                         (To enlarge click on the image)



 disposition des trocars

Important notice: even if the laparoscopy is the most frequent chosen surgical technique, the classic approach with opening of the abdominal wall (laparotomy) always needs to be taken in consideration:

In case the general condition of the patient contra-indicates a laparoscopic approach (for instance in case of serious respiratory insufficiency) or in case of simultaneous abdominal interventions by laparotomy, a laparoscopic approach could be dangerous.

Or in case that an initial laparoscopic start would become too technicaly complicated a laparotomy seems necessary

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