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Obesity Surgery > Morbid Obesity: Definitions and Complications

A) Definition: obesity is best calculated by using the body mass index  (body mass index = BMI)
    (Body Mass Index = BMI = Indice de Masse Corporelle = IMC).

Or: BMI= weight in kg / (lenght in m)² 

The BMI is a relation between the weight (in kilogram) to the square of the body length (in meters).

Normal weight BMI between 18 and 25
Overweigth BMI between 18 and 25
Obesity I between 30 and 35
Morbid obesity BMI > 35 (combined with minimal 2 co-morbidities)

B) Obesity linked complications:

Cardiovascular diseases, arterial hypertension
Diabetes mellitus type 2
Hypercholesterolemia (with decrease of the "good HDL cholesterol")
Sleepapnoea and sleeping disorders
Painful joints, lumbar arthrosis, hip and knees
Gastro-oesophageal reflux
Severe psychological problems

PS: 30% of the morbid cases suffer of the sleepapoenea syndrom. It is recognized by a loud noctural snoring, headaches in the morning and abnormal fatigue during the day due to a lack of sleep overnight.

C) Morbid obesity is a serious disease: the mortality rate increases from BMI 35 on (fig 1)


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D) The ideal weight is defined by the gender, the body lenght, and the bone composition and is incorported in the tables of the "Metropolitan Life Insurance Company"

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