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Surgery of the Digestif Tract
Surgery of Obesity

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Obesity Surgery > Anatomy and mechanisms of the digestion

- The small intestine (jejunum and ileum) kan be up to 5 m long

- The colen (ricght, transverse, left) has a average lenght of 1,5 m


- The digestion starts in the mouth where it is reduced in size, mixed with saliva to a smi-liquid mass. This is pushed through the esophagus to the stomach. The mass is mixed with gastric secretion fluids, then passes to the duodeneum and the small intestine where with is mixed with the secretion of the pancreas, the liver and the intestinal cells.

- The digestion and absorption of the nutrients happesn mostly in the duodenum and the small intestine).

- Water is absorbed in the colon.

- At the end of the digestion the faeces are composed of fibers and a minimal of water. They are stored in the rectum till this is voided (defaecation).  

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