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Obesity Surgery > The Sleeve Gastrectomy
The sleeve gastrectomy

The sleeve gastrectomie consists out of removing 2/3 of the stomach. The benefit in this technique is, although the restrictive aspect, the elimination of a lot of gastric cells (parietal cells) that are producing the hormone Ghrelin that triggers the hunger sense centrally.



The intervention can be performed laparoscopically. Technically feasable but caracterised by being inreversible. Risks on post-operative -abces and fistula- are rare but possible. The experience is unsufficient to evaluate the long-term results -such as gastric dilatation over the years- even though that the mid-term results are promissing.

In contradiction with the gastric band no foreign material is implanted in the sleeve gastrectomy.

In case of failure (insufficient excess weight loss) the technique can be the first step of the "duodenal switch" and so converted to a bilio-pancreatic bypass (see bilio-pancreatic bypass). It is also possible to convert it to a gastric bypass.

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